Is Your AC Unit Improperly Sized? Troubleshooting Tips

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Few things are more miserable than an air conditioning system that can’t keep your home comfortable on sweltering summer days. If your AC is running nearly nonstop but only producing lukewarm air, an improperly sized unit is likely to blame.

Sizing an AC unit for your home’s cooling needs is a complex calculation accounting for many factors. A mismatch in capacity usually requires system upgrades to restore comfort and efficiency. This AC sizing guide from Fix4U Repairs will cover symptoms of improper sizing and solutions to optimize performance.

How Is Proper AC Unit Size Determined?

To work effectively, an AC system must be sized based on:

  • Total square footage for needed cooling
  • Climate and temperatures in your region
  • Sun exposure, window area, and insulation values
  • Number of occupants and heat-generating appliances
  • Central vs ductless, single zone vs multi zone configurations
  • Expected future home expansions or renovations

A mistake in any of these variables when selecting AC capacity leads to comfort and efficiency issues.

Signs Your AC Unit Is Too Small

An undersized AC system shows these symptoms:

  • Frequent temperature fluctuations
  • Difficulty maintaining desired temps on hot days
  • Some rooms never feel cool enough
  • AC runs continuously but doesn’t adequately cool
  • Short cycling as unit reaches limits and shuts off
  • Supply vents feel slightly cool vs cold
  • Higher summer energy bills from extended run times
  • AC freezing up due to heat overload
  • Excess humidity in home from reduced cooling

Signs Your AC Unit Is Too Large

An oversized AC system exhibits these inefficiencies:

  • Cooling cycles are too short to effectively dehumidify
  • Frigid air blowing from vents
  • Unit reaches set temp quickly but room air remains humid
  • Frequent on/off cycling instead of steady operation
  • Rooms feel cold and clammy
  • Higher electric bills from excessive runtime
  • Insufficient airflow in some rooms
  • Occupants feel perpetually chilled
  • More noise from fast ON/OFF cycling

Solutions for Improperly Sized AC Units

If your AC unit is incorrectly sized, options include:

  • Install Proper Ventilation: Improving air circulation through the home helps better balance temperatures.
  • Divide Zones: Separating your home into independently controlled zones allows right-sizing units.
  • Add Ductwork: Increasing supply and return ductwork improves air distribution and sizing balance.
  • Upgrade System: Replacing an undersized unit or swapping zones for properly sized capacities optimizes comfort.
  • Minimize Loads: Sealing leaks, adding insulation, replacing windows, and upgrading appliances improves efficiencies.
  • Thermostat Adjustments: Staggering thermostat setups throughout home can compensate for some sizing mismatch.
  • New Custom Home: If the mismatch is severe and other options won’t overcome poor original sizing, custom building from scratch is the ultimate solution.

Time for a Free AC Sizing Assessment

If your AC just can’t keep up, contact the experts at Fix4U Repairs for an on-site survey. Our HVAC pros will evaluate the full situation and suggest the most cost-effective solutions to remedy comfort issues. We size and install new systems for ideal cooling performance. Call (647) 363-5205 to schedule!

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Maintaining Properly Sized AC Equipment

Follow these tips to keep a right-fit system running optimally:

  • Service the system twice annually to maximize efficiency.
  • Seal air leaks around windows and doors to reduce load.
  • Monitor humidity levels throughout your home.
  • Replace dirty air filters monthly.
  • Clear debris from outdoor condenser unit several times per year.
  • Verify adequate return air flows to each room.

Don’t endure another hot and sticky summer in a mismatched, inefficient AC system. The cooling professionals at Fix4U Repairs have the expertise to size and install a perfectly matched AC for superior comfort!

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