AC Sensor Failure: Troubleshooting Bad Sensors & Repair Tips

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Advanced sensors and switches in your air conditioning system measure key data like air temperatures and pressures that are critical to efficient operation. When these important AC sensors malfunction, your cooling performance and energy costs will suffer.

Catching faulty sensor issues quickly provides an opportunity to repair or replace before enduring uncomfortable indoor temperatures. This AC troubleshooting guide from Fix4U Repairs will cover identifying sensor failure symptoms and tips for replacement.

How Sensors Work in an AC System

Understanding sensor roles aids in diagnosing issues:

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  • Sensors monitor current conditions like indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, coil temps, etc.
  • They provide variable input data to the furnace control board for smart adjustments.
  • Sensors send signals to other components like compressors, dampers, and fans telling them when and how much to run.
  • Electromechanical or digital sensors use technologies like thermocouples, thermistors, pressure transducers, and solid state circuits.
  • If sensor readings drift from actual conditions, the AC system can’t maintain desired comfort settings.

Accurate real-time sensor data is key for efficient air conditioner operation and performance.

Signs of a Failing AC Sensor

Watch for these indicators of sensor problems:

  • Inability to reach or maintain set temperature in zones
  • Short cycling of AC system and frequency of on/off cycles
  • Compressor kicking on for short periods then shutting off
  • Noticeable humidity differences between zones
  • Rooms feeling hotter or colder than thermostat reads
  • Frost or ice buildup on AC evaporator coil
  • Control panel displaying sensor failure codes
  • Persistent burning plastic smell from furnace area

What Causes AC Sensor Failure?

Sensor breakdown can occur due to:

  • Age & Dust Buildup: Particulate collecting on sensor probes reduces accuracy until failure occurs.
  • Moisture Damage: Condensation corrosion on probes or water in control panel causes electrical issues.
  • Power Surges: Electrical spikes can short out delicate solid state monitoring components.
  • Overheating: Excessive heat from system defects or improper duct design damages sensors over time.
  • Incorrect Wiring Incorrect terminations when installing or ‘jumping’ sensors leads to voltage overload.
  • Refrigerant Leaks: Low refrigerant reduces pressure sensor accuracy.
  • Physical Damage: Mishandling or impact during repairs damages delicate probes.

How to Replace a Failed AC Sensor

When sensor replacement is needed, typical steps include:

  • Shut off all power to furnace or air handler to avoid electrical hazards.
  • Remove cover panel to access control board and sensors.
  • Unplug existing sensor taking note of location and pin-outs.
  • Install new sensor matched to your AC make and model. Follow pin diagram.
  • Reconnect low voltage furnace power and call for cooling.
  • Confirm sensor is reading temps or pressures within normal ranges via the control panel.

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Let Pros Handle AC Sensor Failure

The intricate electrical connections and programming mean sensor repairs are best left to experienced HVAC technicians. The pros at Fix4U Repairs have extensive training to properly diagnose faulty sensors and install replacements seamlessly integrated with your existing system. Trust us for prompt and proper sensor repairs! Call (647) 363-5205.

Preventing AC Sensor Breakdowns

Take these steps to maximize sensor lifespan:

  • Change filters regularly to avoid dust fouling sensor probes.
  • Have a pro annually clean sensors when servicing your AC.
  • Install surge protectors to avoid electrical damage.
  • Keep control panel shaded and dry.
  • Handle sensors carefully during furnace maintenance and cleaning.

Maintain optimal comfort year after year by scheduling seasonal AC maintenance with the sensor experts at Fix4U Repairs!

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