Dishwasher Not Turning Off? Causes & Troubleshooting

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You start your dishwasher expecting clean dishes in a couple hours. But when you check on it later, you find it still humming away hours past when it should have finished. Getting a dishwasher to actually turn off when it enters the dry cycle can be perplexing.

A dishwasher that won’t turn off can run continuously for hours, needlessly using energy and creating noise. The cause is usually a fairly simple malfunction, which we’ll cover how to identify and address in this article. With some troubleshooting, you can solve the issue of a dishwasher not turning off and have it operating normally again.

Common Reasons a Dishwasher Won’t Turn Off

There are several components that could lead to a dishwasher refusing to stop:

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Faulty Timer

The timer controls the cycle progression and triggers the dishwasher to shut off at the end. If it malfunctions, the dishwasher may never receive the signal to stop running.

Stuck Relay

Relays help provide power to the various dishwasher parts. If stuck, the relay can keep electricity flowing even when the unit should be off.

Bad Door Switch

To sense when the door opens, signaling cycle completion, a magnetic door switch activates. If faulty, the dishwasher misses the cue to power down.

Thermostat Issue

The thermostat monitors internal wash and rinse temperatures. Problems with it can prevent the heat drying phase from executing properly to shut off the dishwasher.

Control Board Failure

All the electrical components are directed by the control board. If damaged or defective, it may fail to stop dishwasher operation when required.

Heating Element Malfunction

If the heating element stays on constantly, it will continue reheating the tub and prevent the cycle from progressing to the off position.

Drain Pump Problems

Inability to remove all the water from a cycle due to drain pump failure can keep a dishwasher running as it tries to empty and complete rinse phases.

Power Supply Issues

Some underlying electrical issue with the junction box, wiring, or power connection to the dishwasher can cause it to not power down fully.

Troubleshooting A Dishwasher Not Turning Off

Use these troubleshooting steps to zero in on why your dishwasher won’t stop running:

1. Test the Timer

Advance the timer dial manually while listening for clicks to ensure it still cycles properly. Replace it if damaged or defective.

2. Inspect the Door Latch

Make sure the door latch and switch are engaging properly when the door is closed. Activate the switch manually if needed.

3. Check Control Panel

Press buttons and reset the cycle. See if dishwasher turns off afterward. Power off and on to reset the control board.

4. Examine Heating Element

Detach the heating element covering and inspect the coil. Test with multimeter and replace if faulty.

5. Verify Water Drainage

Pour water into tub and test that the drain pump fully empties it. Unclog any blockages in hoses or pumps.

6. Clean Filters & Arms

Buildup can impede water circulation and operation. Detach and rinse the filter and spray arms.

7. Check for Electrical Issues

Ensure wiring is intact with no corrosion or damage. Use multimeter to test dishwasher voltage.

If the dishwasher continues running after trying these steps, contact an appliance repair technician to further evaluate the internal functioning of the dishwasher and wiring.

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Preventing a Dishwasher That Stays On Continuously

You can avoid issues of a dishwasher not turning off with proper use and preventative maintenance:

  • Don’t overload dishes or block spray arms.
  • Scrape food debris before loading dishes.
  • Use recommended dishwasher detergent and jet dry.
  • Let full wash and dry cycles complete fully.
  • Clean door seals and interior regularly to prevent buildup.
  • Check door latch catch and strike work properly.
  • Don’t place items in dishwasher that could jam mechanisms.
  • Ensure nothing is obstructing dishwasher from opening fully.
  • Fix any leaks immediately to prevent water damage.

Following manufacturer instructions for loading and maintenance will also keep your dishwasher turning on and off reliably. With some periodic preventative care, your dishwasher should stop running when cycles finish.

Professional Repair of a Dishwasher Not Turning Off

If your dishwasher persists in running continuously even after troubleshooting:

  • The dishwasher won’t start a new cycle or responds slowly.
  • The control panel doesn’t respond or displays error codes.
  • The internal components remain hot to the touch after a prolonged period.
  • There are signs of electrical shorting like burning smells.
  • There is visible damage to wiring, pumps, heating element or other parts.

Our skilled service technicians can diagnose and repair dishwashers that fail to turn off. We serve the Greater Toronto Area and offer same-day or next-day appointment times in most cases. Call Fix4U Repairs at (647) 363-5205 for fast, affordable help when your dishwasher won’t stop running.

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