Dryer Taking Too Long to Dry Clothes

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Dryer taking too long to dry clothes? After what seems like an eternity of waiting, you finally remove your clothes from the dryer only to find them still damp. Few things are more annoying than a dryer that takes forever to actually dry your clothes.

While it’s not unusual for large or bulky loads to require longer drying times, if your dryer consistently takes too long to dry all loads something needs adjustment. This troubleshooting guide from Fix4U Repairs will cover the common causes of slow dryer drying times and how to improve efficiency.

Why Is Your Dryer Taking Too Long to Dry Clothes?

Excessively long dryer run times usually indicate one of these issues:

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  • Incorrect Heat or Cycle Settings: If the dryer is set to low heat or a delicate cycle not meant for drying, it will take longer. Ensure the settings match the load type.
  • Clogged Lint Filter: A blocked lint screen severely limits airflow, which restricts heat transfer efficiency, requiring longer to dry clothes.
  • Plugged Vent Hose: Obstructions in the flexible vent hose attached to the dryer reduce airflow and drying speed.
  • Overloaded Dryer: Too many clothes overload the dryer’s drying capacity. Take out bulky items or reduce load size.
  • Blocked Vent Duct: Like a clogged lint screen, debris buildup in the vent duct greatly reduces airflow and drying power.
  • Improper Venting: Venting that’s too long, narrow, or kinked doesn’t allow moisture to properly evacuate, extending drying time.
  • Unbalanced Load: An unevenly distributed load prevents clothes from tumbling properly, resulting in uneven drying.

Diagnosing Slow Drying

Start troubleshooting a dryer taking too long with these steps:

  • Clean lint filter before each load.
  • Confirm vent hose is free of kinks, bends, and lint clogs.
  • Ensure vent duct is clear by inspecting the outdoor exhaust hood.
  • Test mid-cycle exhaust air flow and warmth.
  • Verify dryer is properly leveled so load tumbles evenly.
  • Check that cycle selection matches clothing load items.

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How to Speed Up Drying Time

Once the issue is identified, there are simple fixes:

Adjust Controls and Load

  • Set heat and cycle based on fabric types and load size.
  • Redistribute unbalanced loads evenly around drum.
  • Remove bulky items like blankets slowing airflow.

Clear Lint and Debris

  • Clean lint filter before every load.
  • Detach vent hose and remove trapped lint using a long brush.
  • Vacuum vent duct removing any accumulated lint clogging duct.

Replace Damaged Venting

  • Replace any vent hose sections that are rigid, torn or have gaps.
  • Use rigid semi-rigid metal ductwork to maximize airflow.

Preventing Excessive Drying Times

Follow these efficiency tips:

  • Clean lint filter after each load.
  • Use dryer balls and low static cling settings.
  • Alternate large and small items in drum.
  • Check vent hose and duct for clogs yearly.
  • Ensure vent duct is properly sized and routed.
  • Match settings to fabric type and load size.

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