Why Your Dryer Won’t Stop & How to Fix It?

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When you load a cycle, the dryer starts spinning and heating as normal, but when the cycle should end, the dryer just keeps tumbling and running indefinitely. This frustrating issue is typically caused by just a few component failures.

When a dryer won’t stop at the end of the cycle, your clothes can quickly go from dried to baked or even get damaged. This dryer troubleshooting guide from Fix4U Repairs will cover how to diagnose and fix the common causes of dryers that won’t stop.

What Prevents a Dryer From Shutting Off?

These are the most common culprits behind dryers that won’t stop running:

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  • Faulty Door Switch: If the door switch sticks and fails to open circuit when door is opened, dryer keeps running.
  • Defective Timer: The timer controls cycle length. If it fails to advance, the dryer won’t enter the cool down phase and continues heating indefinitely.
  • Broken Thermostats: Cycling and high-limit thermostats signal the dryer to stop when set temps are reached. Bad thermostats can’t shut off the dryer.
  • Clogged Vent: Restricted airflow from a clog prevents the dryer from reaching target temps to shut off heating elements.
  • Damaged Motor: If motor bearings seize, the motor can get stuck and not shut off until manual power disconnection.
  • Control Board Failure: Defective control boards may not send a stop signal at the programmed time or temp.

How to Diagnose a Dryer That Won’t Stop

Start basic dryer troubleshooting with these steps:

  • Inspect door strike/latch for obstructions not activating door switch.
  • Test timer operation manually advancing cycles. Listen for clicks signaling advancement.
  • Check thermostats and heating elements for visible damage. Test continuity.
  • Inspect vent ductwork for lent restrictions. Confirm the vent flapper operates properly.
  • Manually rotate motor and drum for stiff bearing operation.
  • Press the “Start/Pause” button mid-cycle to force the auto shut off.

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How to Fix a Dryer That Doesn’t Stop

Once the specific issue is identified, repairs are straightforward:

Replace Door Switch

  1. Disconnect two wires, remove mounting screws.
  2. Install new door switch. Reconnect wires to proper terminals.

Replace Timer

  1. Unplug the dryer and open the control console to access the timer.
  2. Label and disconnect timer connections, remove mounting screws.
  3. Install replacement timer motor, reconnect wires, test operation.

Replace Thermostats

  1. Remove wires from faulty thermostat clips.
  2. Unscrew bracket and install new cycling/high-limit thermostat(s).
  3. Reconnect wires to proper terminals. Verify shuts off at target temps.

Clear Vent Obstruction

  • Disconnect the vent duct and use a duct brush to clean out lint and debris clogs.

Reattach duct

  • Test that the flapper opens when the dryer runs.

Preventing Dryer Won’t Stop Issues

Routine maintenance helps prevent dryer operation problems:

  • Clean lint trap thoroughly before each load to maintain air flow.
  • Detach and clean vent ducts yearly to catch lint accumulation issues early.
  • Confirm vent duct length and routing meets manufacturer specifications.
  • Arrange yearly dryer servicing to identify any component wear.

When you need reliable dryer operation, depend on the pros at Fix4U Repairs. Our expert technicians can accurately diagnose any issue causing the dryer to run nonstop and provide a fast, affordable repair. Contact us at (647) 363-5205!

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