Why Is Your Fireplace Sparking Or Popping?

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Living in the Greater Toronto Area means cold Canadian winters. A fireplace in your home provides cozy warmth and ambiance. But when your gas fireplace starts sparking or producing startling popping noises, enjoyment turns to concern.

This comprehensive guide from the fireplace repair technicians at Fix4U Repairs in the GTA will empower you to troubleshoot the issue. With the right knowledge, you can often solve the problem yourself and avoid an expensive service call.

Why Is My Fireplace Sparking And Popping?

A properly running fireplace burns cleanly and quietly. Sparking and popping result from an interruption in the ideal ignition process.

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Several causes can cause fireplace to spark:

  • Dirty pilot light
  • Thermopile or thermocouple malfunction
  • Clogged burner orifice
  • Improper relighting technique
  • Faulty thermopile

Understanding these potential issues will help you troubleshoot the root cause. The following sections explore each one in detail.

5 Ways to Troubleshoot A Sparking Fireplace

Clean the Pilot Light and Thermopile/Thermocouple

The first step is cleaning the pilot light assembly. This includes the pilot light itself and the thermopile or thermocouple. The small pilot light flame ignites the gas burner. It remains lit even when the main burner is off.

The thermopile and thermocouple sit very near the pilot light flame. When heated, they generate a small electrical current. This power operates the gas valve to open and allow gas flow to the main burner.

How to Clean the Pilot Light and Thermopile/Thermocouple

Follow these steps to properly clean the pilot assembly:

  1. Turn off the gas valve and allow components to cool completely.
  2. Remove the pilot light cover. Consult your owner’s manual if unsure.
  3. Use a hard bristle brush to gently scrub thermopile, thermocouple, and pilot hood. Avoid damaging components.
  4. For heavy soot, gently rub with fine sandpaper.
  5. Replace pilot light cover.

Even a small amount of dirt or soot on the pilot can disrupt the flame. This prevents the thermopile/thermocouple from heating sufficiently to generate current. Cleaning allows proper ignition function to resume. Give it a try before moving to the next steps.

Adjust Gas Valve Setting

If cleaning the assembly does not solve the problem, double check the gas valve setting. Turn the setting to its highest temperature. The higher heat output requires more gas flow. If the popping stops at a higher setting, the cause may be:

  • Weak pilot flame
  • Old or failing thermopile/thermocouple

Try adjusting the pilot flame to maximum. Refer to your owner’s manual. If popping still occurs at higher settings, this indicates thermocouple/thermopile failure. They require replacement by a professional.

Check for Clogged Burner Orifice

Another potential culprit is a clogged burner orifice. This small opening mixes air and fuel for proper ignition. Soot and debris can gradually block it entirely. Signs of a clog include:

  • Popping or sparking at burner
  • Burner not igniting
  • Pilot lights but burner does not

How to Clean a Clogged Burner Orifice?

  1. Remove logs, rocks, or other decor covering burner.
  2. Use a flashlight to locate the orifice opening.
  3. Use a sewing needle, wire, or pipe cleaner to gently clean inside opening.
  4. Compressed air can also help blow out debris.
  5. Brush area around opening to remove dirt and soot.
  6. Return burner decor to proper position after cleaning.

Opening the orifice fully resolves many ignition issues. Always give this easy fix a try before seeking professional repairs.

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Relight the Pilot According to Instructions

Frustrating popping and sparking issues sometimes stem from improper manual re-lighting. Pilot lights can go out periodically. You must re-light them correctly to avoid problems.

Follow These Steps Precisely:

  1. Locate the pilot light assembly.
  2. Turn gas valve to “pilot” position.
  3. Push down on gas valve while pressing igniter button. This purges air from the line while sending fuel to the pilot.
  4. Continue holding down gas valve for 60 seconds after pilot lights. This pre-heats the thermocouple.
  5. Release gas valve – pilot should remain lit.
  6. Turn gas valve to “on” position to ignite burner.

Skipping any part of this sequence can result in an unstable pilot flame. It can cause intermittent sparking and noise. Always keep your owner’s manual handy. Follow the lighting instructions exactly. Patiently allow the full 60 seconds for the thermocouple to heat.

Determine If Thermopile is the Issue

The thermopile generates electricity to operate the gas valve. It works in tandem with the pilot light flame.

After years of use, thermopiles lose efficiency. Failure to generate sufficient current prevents proper valve operation. The pilot may light but the main burner won’t ignite. Other signs of a faulty thermopile include:

  • Pilot frequently goes out
  • Burner doesn’t light unless pilot is on high
  • Burner only lights at higher settings

A professional can test the thermopile and replace it if needed. Replacement restores smooth fireplace operation.

When to Call a Fireplace Pro?

Reviewing these common issues will allow you to troubleshoot many fireplace problems yourself. But some malfunctions require a technician’s expertise.

Contact the fireplace repair pros at Fix4U Repairs in the GTA at (647) 363-5205 if:

  • Pilot won’t light after multiple re-lighting attempts
  • Popping and sparking persist after troubleshooting
  • Gas smell is present

Our certified technicians have years of fireplace repair experience. We can diagnose any issue and make expert repairs.

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