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Opening your dishwasher at the end of a wash cycle only to find the lights inside flashing can be confusing and concerning. Dishwasher lights illuminate for different reasons, and blinking or flashing lights usually signify some type of issue or problem.

Understanding what your dishwasher is trying to tell you with its various indicator lights and codes can help you troubleshoot what’s wrong. In this article, we’ll cover the common reasons your dishwasher lights may be blinking and flashing, and how to fix the underlying problem.

Common Causes of Dishwasher Lights Flashing

Dishwasher lights flashing or blinking typically points to one of these problems:

1. Heating Element Failure

The heating element heats the water inside the dishwasher up to the optimum temperature for cleaning. It works in conjunction with a thermal fuse that prevents overheating. If the element fails, the dishwasher can’t heat water properly and an indicator light will flash.

2. Faulty Electronic Control Board

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All the dishwasher functions are directed by the control board, including the lights. If it malfunctions, it can cause unusual flashing, blinking, or beeping. Control boards often fail due to power surges.

3. Clogged or Faulty Water Circulation

For effective cleaning, the dishwasher needs proper water flow. Clogged filters or a faulty circulation pump motor can trip the control board sensors, leading to flashing indicator lights.

4. Stuck Relay

A relay is an electrical component that controls functions. If stuck, it could cause lights to remain on or cycle continuously. Usually this points to control board issues.

5. Bad Door Switch/Latch

Dishwashers have a door switch that senses when the door is open or closed. If faulty, it will cause lights to flash, indicating the door is ajar. Problems with the door latch can also lead to a flashing light.

6. Draining Issues

If the dishwasher has trouble draining out the wash water, which activates a sensor, lights can flash indicating problems with water removal. Check for kinks in the drain hose, a clogged air gap, or ineffective drain pump.

7. Cycle Interruption

If a wash cycle gets paused due to a power or water disruption, lights will typically flash when operation resumes. Blinking lights can also result if you open the dishwasher mid-cycle.

8. Control Lock is Engaged

Many dishwashers have a child lock function, which disables the control panel buttons. When active, this causes indicator lights to flash. Simply disengage child lock if on unintentionally.

Troubleshooting Dishwasher Lights Blinking & Flashing

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the cause when your dishwasher has blinking or flashing lights:

1. Note Which Lights are Flashing

Check if it’s an indicator light for a particular cycle/function or a general warning light. Refer to your owner’s manual to decipher light codes.

2. Test Door Latch & Switch

Try opening and closing the door securely to see if it stops blinking lights indicating the door is ajar. Test a new door switch if issues persist.

3. Inspect Heating Element

Remove the element covering and check for burnt or broken wires. Use a multimeter to test if its getting power. Replace if faulty.

4. Check Control Panel

Press buttons to ensure they are responsive and reset cycles. Check for error codes displayed. Turn power off and back on to reset the control board.

5. Test Drain Pump

Pour water in the tub and verify it drains fully to rule out clogged pumps or hoses. Remove any blockages.

6. Clean Filters & Arms

Clogged filters/arms can disrupt water circulation and activate warning lights. Detach and rinse them thoroughly.

7. Inspect Water Inlet

Verify water is turned on fully to the dishwasher and inlet hoses aren’t kinked. Check the inlet valve and replace if needed.

8. Reset Control Lock

If engaged unintentionally, hold down appropriate buttons to disengage the control lock function.

If lights continue flashing or error codes reappear, its best to contact a technician to inspect the internal functioning and wiring of your dishwasher.

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Preventing Dishwasher Lights From Blinking & Flashing

You can help avoid issues that cause dishwasher lights to malfunction with proper use and preventative maintenance:

  • Don’t interrupt wash cycles unless absolutely needed.
  • Ensure the door is fully closed and latched before starting.
  • Use a power surge protector to prevent control board damage.
  • Clean filters, arms, and interior regularly to prevent clogs.
  • Always scrape food before loading to limit buildup.
  • Don’t overfill or improperly load dishes.
  • Periodically add dishwasher cleaner to remove grease/limescale.
  • Verify sufficient water pressure and draining before cycles.
  • Hand wash items like cast iron or non-dishwasher safe plastics.
  • Don’t leave wet dishes sitting for long after a cycle finishes.

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for loading, maintenance, and operation is also beneficial for avoiding problems. With proper use and care, your dishwasher lights should illuminate normally without any erroneous blinking or flashing.

When to Call a Repair Professional

If you’ve tried the troubleshooting steps and blinking dishwasher lights persist, contact our experts at Fix4U Repairs for service. Signs you may need professional intervention:

  • Warning lights remain on after resetting cycles and power.
  • The dishwasher stops mid-cycle or won’t start at all.
  • You can’t clear an error code displayed on the control panel.
  • Lights indicate water heating issues, drainage problems, or door faults.
  • Electrical/mechanical sounds signal a bigger problem.
  • You find damaged internal parts or wiring upon inspection.

Our knowledgeable technicians serve the GTA area and can diagnose malfunctioning dishwasher lights and circuit boards. We’ll troubleshoot to find the root cause and make all necessary repairs. Call (647) 363-5205 to book fast service.

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