Why Your Washing Machine is Vibrating & How to Stop It

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Feeling your washer shaking, rattling, and vibrating excessively during wash cycles is annoying and concerning. While some vibration is normal, excessive movement indicates an issue needing repair.

Imbalanced loads, worn suspension components, and improper installation are common causes of washer vibration. Identifying and fixing the root cause is key to restoring smooth operation.

In this guide, we’ll cover the reasons your washing machine may vibrate violently and how to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Common Causes of Washer Vibration

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Some of the most frequent causes of washers shaking and moving excessively include:

  • Unbalanced load – Too much weight towards one side of the drum creates dynamic imbalance.
  • Worn suspension springs – Stretched or detached springs allow excessive drum movement.
  • Damaged shock absorbers – Absorbers not dampening vibrations properly cause increased shaking.
  • Improper leveling – If the washer is not level, it can rock and vibrate.
  • Obstructed pump or hoses – Clogs put strain on components during drain cycles.
  • Tub bearing failure – Worn bearings allow the spinning tub to wobble.
  • Bent basket – Dents or impact damage leads to dynamic imbalance.
  • Motor issues – Some malfunctioning motors can induce excessive vibration.
  • Support leg failures – Broken leveling legs prevent washer from sitting solidly on floor.
  • Loose mounting – Washers not properly secured in place tend to “walk.”

Troubleshooting the Source of the Vibration

To pinpoint what’s causing the excess shaking and vibration:

1. Inspect loading

Make sure clothes are evenly distributed and not overloaded on one side.

2. Check leveling

Confirm washer is solidly on the floor with no rocking and all leveling feet make contact.

3. Open access panel

Check shocks, springs, tub bearings, belts and pulleys for damage contributing to vibration.

4. Run empty cycle

Run a high spin cycle empty to isolate tub, motor or suspension issues.

5. Check pump and hoses

Inspect pump and drain hoses for blockages that strain components when draining.

6. Examine mounting

Ensure washer is securely fastened in place, especially for second story installations.

7. Listen for changes in vibration sounds

Pinpoint where vibrations originate to further isolate the defective component.

Repairing a Shaking Washer

To stop an excessively vibrating washer, address the underlying cause:

  • Redistribute load and avoid overloading.
  • Adjust leveling feet to secure washer solidly on floor.
  • Replace worn suspension springs and shock absorbers.
  • Swap out bad tub bearings allowing drum wobble.
  • Straighten or replace bent basket or tub.
  • Clear pump and drain obstructions.
  • Refasten washer to floor with lag bolts for second story.
  • Replace defective motor or support legs.

With the problematic component fixed, your washer will run smoothly again.

Preventing Washer Vibration Issues

You can proactively avoid vibration problems through proper installation and maintenance:

  • Position washer in an alcove or against wall for more stability.
  • Use concrete pad or shims to level washer on uneven floors.
  • Tighten leveling feet and mounting hardware over time.
  • Avoid overloading or unbalanced washing loads.
  • Listen for changes in suspension sounds indicating wear.
  • Have shocks and tub bearings periodically inspected.

Catching and addressing minor vibration issues promptly prevents worsening.

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When to Call an Appliance Repair Technician

For extensive vibration or shaking indicating suspension spring, bearing, or motor issues – calling in a professional is advisable.

The appliance repair pros at Fix4U Repairs have the expertise to:

  • Diagnose causes of drum wobble or harmonic vibration.
  • Replace worn tub bearings, shafts, and seals.
  • Determine if motor needs replacement.
  • Securely anchor washers to wall studs or flooring.
  • Identify issues with imbalance or suspension.

We get your washer shaking under control quickly so you can run loads comfortably again. Call (647) 363-5205 for expert diagnosis and repair of washer vibration.

The Risks of Ignoring Washer Vibration

While you may try holding the washer during violent shaking cycles, excessive vibration will only worsen over time. Allowing it to continue leads to:

  • Progressive damage to shocks, springs and tub components
  • Loosening of mountings/anchor points
  • Eventual “walking” movement of the washer
  • Bad bearings shredding clothes and causing imbalances
  • Premature motor failure from added vibration

Getting excess movement issues repaired quickly reduces breakdown risks and saves money on repairs down the road.

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