Why Your Washing Machine is Making Strange Noises & How to Fix It

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Hearing your washing machine suddenly start ticking, grinding, squealing or making other odd noises can be unnerving. While new washers often come with normal mechanical sounds, strange sounds always warrant investigation.

The specific sound and when it occurs during the wash cycle can help pinpoint the failing component causing the noise. Replacing or repairing the part making the strange sound restores normal operation.

In this guide, we’ll cover the common causes of strange washer noises and steps to diagnose and fix the problem.

Common Sources of Strange Washer Noises

Some of the most common culprits of weird washer sounds include:

  • Unbalanced load – An uneven distribution of clothes in the drum can cause banging or clanking on spin.
  • Pump failure – A blocked or seized pump makes buzzing or humming noises during drain cycles.
  • Motor issues – Defective motors can make loud rumbling, grinding or knocking sounds.
  • Drive pulley problems – Clicking or squeaking indicates a worn or misaligned drive pulley.
  • Belt defects – Frayed, loose or worn drive belts make loud squealing or squeaking sounds.
  • Bearing failure – Worn tub bearings make loud rumbling, grinding or banging noises.
  • Suspension rod issues – Metal-on-metal squeaking suggests broken or detached suspension rods.
  • Loose mountingWashers not properly leveled and secured in place can wander and vibrate.
  • Foreign object – A small item like a coin caught in the drum can make rattling noises.

Clues from the Type of Sound

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The specific noise coming from your washer provides useful troubleshooting clues:

  • Scraping, squeaking – Belt or pulley issues
  • Grinding, buzzing – Bad motor, pump or bearing
  • Banging, clanging – Unbalanced load or suspension rods
  • Humming – Pump failure or blockage
  • Rattling, clunking – Foreign object trapped in drum
  • Squealing – Drive belt wear or alignment

Recreating the sound again and listening closely helps categorize the type of defect.

Narrowing Down the Cause

To pinpoint what exactly is making the strange sound in your washer:

  • 1. Note when sound occurs: Figure out if noise happens with washing, spinning or draining. This narrows down the possible culprit.
  • 2. Check for unbalanced loads: Redistribute clothes to see if banging or rattling stops. Unbalanced clothing causes most impact noises.
  • 3. Inspect pump and hoses: Check pump and drain hoses for clogs or debris causing humming and buzzing.
  • 4. Examine drive belt: Inspect belt for cracking, fraying, excessive wear or detachment causing squeaking.
  • 5. Check motor and bearings: Listen for grinding or rumbling indicating worn bearings or defective motor.
  • 6. Review suspension rods: Ensure all shock rods are intact and securely fastened to prevent metal-on-metal squeaking.
  • 7. Scan drum for objects: Empty washer and inspect drum for trapped items like coins causing rattling.

Fixing the Source of the Noise

Once the culprit of the strange sound is identified, repair is straightforward:

  • Redistribute unbalanced loads and avoid overloading.
  • Replace worn, loose, cracked or misaligned drive belts.
  • Detach pump, clear blockages and test operation.
  • Replace defective wash plate bearings making rumbling noises.
  • Fix detached or broken suspension rods that connect the tub.
  • Replace bad drive motors.
  • Remove any foreign objects stuck in drum or pump.

With the faulty component repaired or replaced, normal quiet operation will be restored.

Preventing Strange Washer Noises

You can avoid most strange washer sounds through proper care and maintenance:

  • Redistribute uneven loads before starting wash cycle.
  • Leave washer door open to dry tub and avoid mildew buildup.
  • Clean the drain pump filter regularly.
  • Use washer dampening pads beneath feet.
  • Tighten mounting bolts to secure washer in place.
  • Listen for changes in noises that could indicate wear.

Catching problems early keeps unusual sounds from developing.

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When to Call an Appliance Repair Technician

For strange sounds indicating drive motor, pump or internal bearing failures, the best bet is to call in a professional appliance repair technician to handle the necessary repairs.

The pros at Fix4U Repairs have the skills to:

  • Determine if noises stem from motor, pump, bearings or other components.
  • Disassemble gear case and replace worn tub bearings.
  • Remove blockages and correctly rebuild drain pump assembly.
  • Adjust drive belts and pulley alignment.
  • Properly mount and secure washers to minimize vibration.

We get to the bottom of the strange sounds coming from your washer and fix the problem. Call (647) 363-5205 for expert washing machine noise diagnosis and repair.

The High Cost of Ignoring Unusual Sounds

It’s tempting to turn up the TV volume to drown out new washing machine noises temporarily. But any strange sounds signal a mechanical problem that will only worsen over time. Ignoring the sounds can lead to:

  • Total component failure like motor burnout.
  • Damaged clothing and unbalanced loads.
  • Major tub damage or leaks.
  • Premature breakdown of related parts like belts.

Getting the odd sounds properly diagnosed and repaired promptly reduces the risk of permanent damage.

Key Takeaways

  • Note exactly what the strange sound is and when it occurs during wash cycles.
  • Unbalanced loads, bad bearings and pump issues commonly cause noises.
  • Inspect belts, pumps, motor and suspension rods.
  • Replace faulty parts like worn bearings, damaged motors and clogged pumps.
  • For major repairs, call in a professional appliance repair technician.

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